List of Top 10 Bilibili Youtube Channels

List of Top 10 Bilibili Youtube Channels

June 10, 2023
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Discover the captivating world of Bilibili YouTube channels with our hand-picked selection of the top 10 creators. Bilibili, a prominent Chinese video-sharing platform, has gained global recognition for its diverse content and passionate community. From gaming enthusiasts to animation lovers, this list showcases the best channels that have made a significant impact and amassed a massive following. Dive into an immersive experience filled with engaging commentary, captivating storytelling, and a vibrant blend of entertainment and education. Get ready to explore the exciting content produced by these exceptional Bilibili YouTube channels that have captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

1. @MerryweatherMedia

channel no 1

MerryweatherMedia is an outstanding Bilibili YouTube channel that offers an exciting range of content to its subscribers. With a focus on animation, storytelling, and entertainment, this channel has gained a loyal following for its high-quality videos and engaging narratives. From animated short films to in-depth analysis of popular series, MerryweatherMedia delivers a captivating viewing experience that appeals to animation enthusiasts of all ages.

Channel MerryweatherMedia
Subscriber Count 1.38 million subscribers
Total Videos 768 videos 

2. @MadeByBilibili

channel no 2

MadeByBilibili is an influential Bilibili YouTube channel that celebrates the creativity and talent of the Bilibili community. With a focus on showcasing user-generated content, this channel provides a platform for Bilibili users to share their artistic creations, including animations, music, art, and more. MadeByBilibili serves as a hub of inspiration, collaboration, and discovery, fostering a supportive environment for aspiring artists and creators to showcase their work to a wide audience.

Channel @MadeByBilibili
Subscriber Count 977K subscribers
Total Videos 6.3K videos 

3. @wouldyoulikeblsandwitchesm6169

channel of @wouldyoulikeblsandwitchesm6169

Welcome to the captivating world of WouldYouLikeBLsandwitchesm6169, a Bilibili YouTube channel dedicated to providing an immersive experience in the realm of Boys’ Love (BL) content. This channel offers a variety of engaging videos, including animated adaptations, audio dramas, and original BL-themed creations. With a focus on storytelling, romance, and diverse relationships, WouldYouLikeBLsandwitchesm6169 caters to BL enthusiasts, providing a platform for fans to connect, explore, and celebrate the captivating world of BL entertainment.

Channel @wouldyoulikeblsandwitchesm6169
Subscriber Count 135K subscribers
Total Videos 197 videos 

4. @bilibilicheers

channel of @bilibilicheers

Bilibili Cheers is an exciting Bilibili YouTube channel that brings the joy and energy of the Bilibili community to viewers worldwide. With a focus on entertainment, pop culture, and trending topics, this channel offers a diverse range of content to keep you entertained and informed. From lively vlogs and engaging discussions to entertaining challenges and reactions, Bilibili Cheers delivers a dynamic viewing experience that caters to a wide audience. Join the cheerful and enthusiastic community on Bilibili Cheers as they share their passion for all things trending and engaging in the world of Bilibili.

Channel @bilibilicheers
Subscriber Count 41.2K subscribers
Total Videos 1.3K videos 

5. @Kimchiee

channel of @Kimchiee

Welcome to the captivating world of Kimchiee, a Bilibili YouTube channel that offers a delightful fusion of entertainment, culture, and creativity. This channel takes you on a journey through the vibrant and diverse aspects of Asian culture, with a particular focus on Korean entertainment and lifestyle. From mouth-watering food adventures and beauty tips to K-pop news and travel videos, Kimchiee provides a perfect blend of informative and entertaining content. Join the passionate community on Kimchiee as they explore the rich tapestry of Asian culture and share their love for all things Korean.

Channel @Kimchiee
Subscriber Count 10.6K subscribers
Total Videos 346  videos 

6. @bilibilicomicsglobal6341

channel of @bilibilicomicsglobal6341

Bilibili’s YouTube channel is dedicated to bringing the captivating realm of comics to viewers worldwide. This channel offers a wide range of comic-related content, including animated adaptations, artist interviews, behind-the-scenes insights, and recommendations of popular comics. With a focus on diverse genres, art styles, and storytelling, Bilibili Comics Global is a treasure trove for comic enthusiasts, providing a platform to explore and celebrate the vibrant world of comics. Join the community on Bilibili Comics Global as they dive into the mesmerizing narratives and captivating illustrations that make comics a timeless form of visual storytelling.

Channel @bilibilicomicsglobal6341
Subscriber Count 3.6K subscribers
Total Videos 2 videos 

7. @beautifulrabbit2022

channel of @beautifulrabbit2022

Bilibili YouTube channel that offers a delightful mix of entertainment, beauty, and creativity. This channel showcases the artistic talents and captivating personality of its creator. From mesmerizing makeup tutorials and beauty tips to engaging videos and creative DIY projects, BeautifulRabbit2022 takes you on a journey of self-expression and personal style. Immerse yourself in the vibrant visuals, engaging storytelling, and a touch of whimsy that make BeautifulRabbit2022 a unique and captivating channel. Join the community as they explore the beauty of life and embrace their own unique expressions of creativity.

Channel @beautifulrabbit2022
Subscriber Count 3.49K subscribers
Total Videos 95 videos 

8. @bilibili580

channel of @bilibili580

vibrant Bilibili YouTube channel that offers a diverse array of content to entertain and engage viewers. This channel covers a wide range of topics, including gaming, animation, videos, and more. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast looking for gameplay highlights and reviews, an animation lover seeking captivating stories, or someone who enjoys immersive videos and lifestyle content, Bilibili580 has something for everyone. Join the passionate community on Bilibili580 as they share their enthusiasm, knowledge, and experiences, creating an entertaining and interactive platform for viewers worldwide.

Channel @bilibili580
Subscriber Count 2.77K  subscribers
Total Videos 315 videos 


channel of wugefenxiang

Welcome to Wugefenxiang, an engaging Bilibili YouTube channel that celebrates the beauty of music and shares it with viewers worldwide. This channel is a treasure trove for music lovers, offering a wide range of content, including cover songs, original compositions, music tutorials, and performances by talented musicians. Whether you enjoy soothing melodies, energetic beats, or soulful ballads, Wugefenxiang has something for every musical taste. Join the passionate community on Wugefenxiang as they share their love for music, discover new talents, and appreciate the power of melody and rhythm.

Channel @wugefenxiang
Subscriber Count 2.5K subscribers
Total Videos 263  

10. @bilibilicomics4465


Bilibili’s YouTube channel is dedicated to bringing the fascinating realm of comics to life. This channel curates an impressive collection of playlists that showcase a wide range of comic-related content. From animated adaptations of popular comics to in-depth discussions and recommendations, Bilibili Comics4465 offers a treasure trove for comic enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the rich storytelling, vibrant artwork, and diverse genres that make comics an enduring form of visual entertainment. Join the community on Bilibili Comics4465 as they delve into the exciting narratives and artistic brilliance that make comics an irresistible medium.

Channel @bilibilicomics4465
Subscriber Count 2.25K subscribers
Total Videos 20  videos 


Q1: What is Bilibili?

A1: Bilibili is a popular Chinese video-sharing platform known for its diverse content, including gaming, animation, music, and more. It has a passionate community and is widely recognized for its vibrant and creative content.

Q2: What are Bilibili YouTube channels?

A2: Bilibili YouTube channels refer to the presence of Bilibili content creators on the YouTube platform. These channels provide a gateway for Bilibili creators to reach a wider international audience and share their content beyond the Bilibili platform.

Q3: Are Bilibili YouTube channels in English or Chinese?

A3: Bilibili YouTube channels can vary in language. While some creators may primarily produce content in Chinese, there are also English-speaking Bilibili YouTube channels that cater to an international audience.

Q4: What type of content can be found on Bilibili YouTube channels?

A4: Bilibili YouTube channels cover a wide range of content, including gaming, animation, music, lifestyle, vlogs, and more. The channels may feature animated adaptations, gameplay videos, music performances, cultural insights, and various other forms of creative content.

Q5: How can I access Bilibili YouTube channels?

A5: To access Bilibili YouTube channels, you can visit their respective YouTube URLs or search for the channel names directly on the YouTube platform. By subscribing to the channels, you can stay updated with their latest content.

Q6: Can I interact with Bilibili YouTube channel creators?

A6: Yes, you can interact with Bilibili YouTube channel creators by leaving comments on their videos, engaging in discussions, or connecting with them through social media platforms.

Q7: Are Bilibili YouTube channels free to watch?

A7: Yes, Bilibili YouTube channels are generally free to watch. However, some creators may offer exclusive content or additional perks through subscription-based models or crowdfunding platforms.

Q8: Can I find Bilibili YouTube channels on the Bilibili platform?

A8: While Bilibili YouTube channels are primarily hosted on the YouTube platform, some creators may have a presence on both platforms. You can explore their content on the respective platforms they are active on.


In conclusion, the world of Bilibili YouTube channels offers a diverse range of content, spanning gaming, animation, music, and more. These channels provide a platform for creators to share their passion, creativity, and expertise with a global audience. Whether you’re a fan of immersive storytelling, captivating animations, entertaining gameplay, or enlightening cultural insights, Bilibili YouTube channels have something to offer. From the vibrant Bilibili community to international viewers, these channels bridge the gap and provide a gateway to explore the captivating content produced on Bilibili. So dive in, subscribe to your favorite channels, and embark on an exciting journey through the vibrant world of Bilibili YouTube channels.


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