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Vintage Social Media Template – Free Vector Download for Cowboy Theme with Editable Text

Vintage Social Media Template Cowboy Theme

This Vector Templates file is available for download on Downloader Baba. It features a cute design with a cowboy theme and editable text, perfect for various projects.


  • Cute hand-drawn illustrations
  • Edit the text to suit your needs
  • Vintage and western-inspired design
  • Multiple file types available: EPS and JPG
  • Perfect for creating social media posts, invitations, or artworks


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With this Vector Templates file, you'll have access to a wide range of options for your creative projects. Whether you're looking to create eye-catching social media posts or unique invitations, this vintage cowboy-themed design will add a touch of charm to your work.

The editable text feature allows you to customize the template to suit your specific needs. You can easily add your own words or make any necessary modifications to make it truly yours.

The hand-drawn illustrations in this file are cute and charming, giving your projects a unique and playful character. The cowboy theme brings a touch of the wild west, perfect for any western-inspired designs or events.

In addition to the cute design elements, this Vector Templates file is available in multiple formats, including EPS and JPG. This allows for easy compatibility with various design software and platforms.

Download this Vintage Social Media Template Cowboy Theme now and elevate your creative projects to the next level. Unleash your imagination and bring a touch of vintage charm to your artwork, invitations, or social media posts.