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Vector Templates Infographic Elements – Free Vector Download for Infographic Designs

About Infographic Elements

Infographic Elements is a collection of visually appealing and informative graphics that can be used to enhance presentations, reports, and designs. These elements cover a wide range of topics, including business charts, maps, diagrams, and more.

Features of Infographic Elements

1. World Infographic

The set includes a variety of world map infographics, allowing you to visualize global data in a clear and engaging manner. From showing regional statistics to highlighting international trends, these infographics offer a powerful tool for presentations and analysis.

2. Bar Chart and Business Chart

Infographic Elements also provide bar charts and business charts that enable you to present complex data in a visually appealing format. These charts offer an effective way to showcase numerical information, making it easier for your audience to understand and interpret.

3. Diagrams and Graphics

The collection encompasses various diagram illustrations and graphic elements. Whether you need to illustrate a process, represent relationships between different components, or simply add visual interest to your design, these diagrams and graphics can cater to your needs.

File Format

The Infographic Elements are available in two file formats: EPS and JPG. Both formats ensure high-quality graphics that are scalable and compatible with various design software. Choose the format that best suits your requirements and start incorporating these elements into your projects.

Category: Vector Templates

Infographic Elements is among our extensive collection of Vector Templates. By utilizing vector graphics, these templates allow for easy customization and scaling without compromising the quality of the elements.


Infographic Elements is a versatile collection that empowers you to create visually impactful designs and presentations. With a wide range of elements, file formats, and categories, it caters to professionals from different industries and fields. Enhance your visual storytelling with Infographic Elements and take your projects to new heights.