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Vector Templates: Hand Drawn Valentine’s Day Elements – Free Download


Add a touch of love and romance to your creative projects with this hand drawn Valentine's Day element collection. Whether you're designing greeting cards, flyers, or social media posts, these charming illustrations will bring warmth and affection to your designs.


  • Love Sketch: Express your emotions with beautifully sketched love illustrations.
  • Hand Drawn Love: Capture the essence of love with these unique hand-drawn elements.
  • Love Doodle: Sprinkle some love doodles into your designs for a whimsical touch.
  • Valentine Elements: Discover a wide variety of elements specifically crafted for Valentine's Day.
  • Love Drawing: Unleash your creativity with these delightful love-themed drawings.
  • Valentine's Day: Celebrate the most romantic day of the year with these heartwarming illustrations.
  • Love Valentines: Spread the love and show your affection with these Valentine's Day graphics.
  • 14 February: Commemorate the special day of love with these artistic designs.
  • Heart Sketch: Express your heartfelt emotions with these stunning heart sketches.
  • Love Heart: The symbol of love, these heart illustrations will add a romantic touch to your projects.
  • Valentine Heart: Discover an extensive range of heart illustrations perfect for Valentine's Day.
  • Heart Drawing: Let your creativity flow with these beautiful hand-drawn heart illustrations.
  • Romance: Infuse your designs with a sense of romance and intimacy.
  • Valentine Couple: Showcase love and togetherness with these adorable Valentine's Day couple designs.
  • Hand Drawn Sketch: Give your projects an artistic vibe with these unique hand-drawn sketches.
  • Hand Drawing: Embrace the beauty of hand-drawn elements in your designs.
  • Doodle Sketch: Add a touch of playfulness with these doodle-inspired sketches.
  • Doodle Drawing: Incorporate fun and whimsy into your designs with these charming doodle drawings.
  • Doodle Elements: Explore a wide array of doodle elements to add character to your projects.

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This collection is available in EPS and JPG formats, ensuring compatibility with various design software and platforms.


These hand-drawn Valentine's Day elements can be found in the Vector Templates category, providing you with a versatile selection of high-quality resources.

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