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Unleash Your Creativity with Blue Banner Design on White Background


A blue banner design on a white background that is perfect for various creative projects. This vector template file is uploaded on our website It features a square label with an empty banner, cartoon border, and a yellow border. The cartoon frame adds a playful touch to the design, making it suitable for sticker backgrounds, label backgrounds, or as an object for cartoon drawings.


  • Square label
  • Empty banner
  • Cartoon border
  • Yellow border
  • Cartoon frame
  • Cartoon banner
  • Label background
  • Sticker background
  • Object
  • Cartoon drawing
  • Blue label
  • Art
  • Blank banner
  • Clip art
  • Cartoon SVG
  • Square button
  • Yellow frame
  • White label
  • SVG banner
  • Banner
  • Graphics
  • Blank template
  • Cartoon template
  • Blue frame
  • Banner illustration
  • White frame
  • Square
  • Graphic frame
  • Banner frame
  • Graphic art
  • Drawing

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Vector Templates