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School Territory Isometric Fragment of City Constructor

Vector Templates File: School Territory Isometric Fragment

This is a vector template file for designing a school territory isometric fragment of a city constructor. It includes a school building located in the center, surrounded by trees and benches. The file is available in two formats: EPS and JPG.

Isometric Illustration

The isometric illustration style used in this template file provides a unique and three-dimensional representation of the school territory. It allows you to create visually appealing designs with depth and perspective.

City Constructor

The city constructor aspect of this template file enables you to easily construct and design a city scene by utilizing different elements such as buildings, trees, and benches. You can build an entire cityscape with just a few clicks.

Elements Included

The template file includes various elements such as:

  • School building: The central focus of the illustration, representing the educational institution within the territory.
  • Trees: Surrounding the school building, these trees add a natural and aesthetic touch to the overall scene.
  • Benches: Placed strategically around the school territory, these benches provide a seating area for students or visitors.

Available File Formats

The file is provided in two formats: EPS and JPG. The EPS format is a vector file that allows for easy editing and scaling without losing image quality. The JPG format, on the other hand, is a raster image that is ready to use without any further modifications.

Category: Vector Templates

This vector template file falls under the category of Vector Templates, which is suitable for graphic designers, illustrators, or anyone looking to create isometric illustrations or city scenes.


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This vector template file can be downloaded from Downloader Baba website.