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Pack of Hand Drawn Wedding Ornaments – Free Vector Download

About the Pack of Hand Drawn Wedding Ornaments

Our website, Downloader Baba, presents a remarkable collection of vector graphic templates for various purposes. One of our featured items is the 'Pack of Hand Drawn Wedding Ornaments', which is perfect for creating stunning wedding albums, invitations, and decorations.


  • Hand-drawn with love and attention to detail
  • Includes a variety of elegant ornament designs
  • Enhances wedding photos, albums, and invitations
  • Suitable for engagement announcements and decorations
  • Available in both EPS and JPG file formats


  • File Type: EPS, JPG
  • Category: Vector Templates


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With our 'Pack of Hand Drawn Wedding Ornaments', you can effortlessly add an elegant touch to your wedding-related projects. So, let your creativity flow and make your special day even more memorable with these beautiful hand-drawn designs.