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Hand drawn wedding ornament collection – Free vector download for vector templates

Vector Templates file:

The Vector Templates file is a collection of hand-drawn wedding ornaments. It includes a variety of elements such as floral dividers, leaf ornaments, heart ornaments, and more. These elements are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and charm to your wedding designs.


  • Hand-drawn design: Each ornament in this collection has been carefully hand-drawn to ensure a unique and authentic look.
  • Multiple file types: The file includes both EPS and JPG formats, giving you flexibility in how you use the templates.
  • Wide range of elements: You'll find a wide variety of elements in this collection, including floral decorations, frame drawings, leaf sketches, and more.


These hand-drawn wedding ornaments can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Wedding invitations: Add a touch of elegance to your wedding invitations by incorporating these beautiful ornaments into the design.
  • Wedding albums: Use these ornaments to enhance the pages of your wedding album and create a visually stunning keepsake.
  • Decorative elements: Whether you're designing a wedding website or creating signage for your big day, these ornaments are perfect for adding decorative flair.

Get the Vector Templates file:

You can download the Vector Templates file from the website Simply visit the website and search for "Hand drawn wedding ornament collection" to find and download the file.