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Hand drawn succulent themed background – Free Vector Download | Vector Templates


The hand drawn succulent themed background is a beautiful and versatile vector template file that can be used for various purposes. It features a collection of botanical elements, flower patterns, and hand-drawn floral illustrations. The file is available in EPS and JPG formats, making it easy to edit and customize according to your needs. Whether you're designing a greeting card, creating a botanical-themed artwork, or adding a touch of nature to your project, this template is perfect for you.


Botanical Garden Vibes

This hand-drawn succulent-themed background brings the beauty of a botanical garden right to your fingertips. With a variety of beautiful flowers and botanical elements, this template captures the essence of nature in a unique and artistic way.

Endless Possibilities

With its floral patterns, bouquet illustrations, and botanical elements, this template offers endless possibilities for creativity. You can use it for designing botanical-themed invitations, creating stunning floral illustrations, or adding a touch of nature to any project.

High-Quality Vector Graphics

The file is available in EPS format, ensuring high-quality vector graphics. This means you can scale the template to any size without losing its sharpness and clarity. Whether you're printing it on a small card or enlarging it for a poster, the graphics will remain crisp and clear.

Easy to Customize

Editing and customizing this template is a breeze. With the EPS format, you can easily change colors, adjust elements, and add your own personal touch. The JPG format is ideal for immediate use if you don't require any customization.

Category: Vector Templates

This hand-drawn succulent themed background falls under the category of Vector Templates. These templates are perfect for graphic designers, artists, and creative individuals looking for versatile and editable design resources.


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File Type: EPS, JPG

The hand drawn succulent themed background is available in both EPS and JPG formats. The EPS format is perfect for editing and customization, while the JPG format is ideal for immediate use. Both formats ensure high-quality graphics.