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Hand drawn international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking illustration – Free Vector Download


This Vector Templates File includes a captivating illustration depicting the importance of the international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. The hand-drawn artwork showcases the impact of drug abuse and the need for action on a global scale.


Hand-drawn Illustration:

The illustration in this file is intricately hand-drawn, adding a unique touch to your designs. The attention to detail and artistic flair will bring your projects to life.

Global Awareness:

By utilizing this illustration, you can effectively raise awareness about drug abuse and illicit trafficking on a global level. Spread the message and encourage others to take action against this worldwide issue.

Multiple File Formats:

Included in this Vector Templates File are both EPS and JPG files. This flexibility allows you to easily use the illustration in various digital and print designs, ensuring compatibility with your preferred software and platforms.

Perfect for Various Projects:

Whether you are creating educational materials, promotional campaigns, or awareness events, this hand-drawn illustration will effectively convey the gravity of drug abuse and illicit trafficking, resonating with your audience and inspiring action.


  • Anti drug
  • Drug abuse
  • Action
  • Worldwide
  • Event
  • Hand-drawn illustration
  • Awareness
  • Global
  • Global trade
  • Illustrations


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