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Glass Banner or Plate: Realistic Set – Free Vector Download

About the Vector Templates file

The Vector Templates file available on is a collection of realistic glass banner or plate designs. It provides a variety of transparent glass options with a glossy effect and glass reflections. These templates are perfect for creating visually appealing designs with a touch of elegance and sophistication.


Glossy Glass

The glass templates in this collection have a glossy effect that adds a sense of shine and professionalism to your designs. The glossy finish enhances the overall appearance and makes the glass elements stand out.

Glass Reflections

Each glass template comes with built-in glass reflections, giving your designs a realistic touch. The reflections add depth and create a sense of dimension, making your designs more visually appealing.

Wide Range of Glass Designs

From glass plates to glass buttons, glass frames to glass walls, the Vector Templates file offers a wide variety of glass designs to choose from. Whether you need a glass banner, glass window, or glass effect elements, this collection has got you covered.

High-Quality Graphics

The EPS and JPG file types ensure that you get top-notch quality graphics for your designs. The vector-based EPS file allows for easy scalability without any loss of quality, while the JPG file offers high-resolution graphics suitable for both digital and print projects.


These vector templates are ideal for various design projects such as website banners, advertisements, graphic illustrations, presentations, and more. Their versatility allows you to incorporate them into any project that requires a touch of elegance and sophistication.


With the Vector Templates file from, you can easily create stunning designs with glass elements. The transparent glass, glossy effect, and glass reflections add a realistic touch to your projects. Enhance your designs with the wide range of glass options provided and bring elegance to your creative endeavors.

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