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Flat City Transport Posters

Flat City Transport Posters with Bicycle, Van, Ambulance, Police Car, Bus, Tram, Scooter, and Taxi People on Street Urban Road

Introducing a collection of stunning vector templates featuring various city transport vehicles. This file, available for download on Downloader Baba, contains high-quality illustrations of a bicycle, van, ambulance, police car, bus, tram, scooter, and taxi, all depicted on a vibrant urban road with people bustling around.

Explore the City Transport

These vector templates showcase the bustling city traffic, capturing the essence of urban life. With a range of transport options including taxis, metro trains, subway stations, and public transportation, you'll find everything you need to create visually appealing designs.

Wide Range of Tags

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File Type and Category

Downloaders will find the Vector Templates file available in EPS and JPG formats, ensuring compatibility with various design software and platforms. As part of the Vector Templates category, this file offers a broad range of design possibilities.