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Vector Templates File: Ecology Arrow

This vector templates file, titled 'Ecology Arrow', is available for download on the website Downloader Baba. It is a resource that offers a collection of eco-friendly and nature-inspired design elements suitable for various projects.

About the Design

The 'Ecology Arrow' design features a combination of eco leaf, green leaves, and natural elements. It aims to create a strong connection with the environment and promote the concept of sustainability. With its abstract nature and leaf-inspired elements, it adds a touch of natural aesthetics to any project.

File Type and Formats

The vector templates file is available in two file formats: EPS and JPG. This flexibility allows you to choose the format that suits your specific design needs. The EPS format provides a scalable and editable solution, while the JPG format offers a high-quality image representation of the design.

Category and Tags

The 'Ecology Arrow' design falls under the category of Vector Templates, making it a versatile resource for designers looking to incorporate eco-friendly and natural elements in their projects. The tags associated with this design include eco leaf, green leaves, eco green, nature leaf, eco, leaf, eco friendly, abstract nature, abstract leaf, green nature, green arrow, green, direction, abstract arrow, nature, pointer, directional arrows, arrow, green abstract, shiny, abstract, and decoration.