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Compass Background – Free Vector Download

Vector Templates File: Compass Background


Enhance your designs with this stunning Compass Background vector template file. With a beautiful blue backdrop and intricate compass rose design, this template is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your projects.

Whether you're working on a website layout, a wallpaper design, or an illustration background, this Compass Background template is versatile and easy to use. Its high-quality EPS and JPG file formats ensure that you can achieve professional results every time.

Key Features

  • Eye-catching blue backdrop
  • Intricate compass rose design
  • Perfect for various projects
  • High-quality EPS and JPG files
  • Easy to customize and integrate


The Compass Background template is ideal for designers and artists looking to add a touch of sophistication to their work. Whether you need a backdrop for a website, a wallpaper design, or an illustration background, this template has you covered.

With its versatile design, you can use this template in various projects. Its blue color palette creates a calm and serene atmosphere, making it suitable for marine-themed designs or layouts related to navigation and topography.

File Type and Format

This Vector Templates file is available in EPS and JPG formats, ensuring compatibility with most design software programs. EPS files provide you with the ability to resize and modify the template without losing any quality, while JPG files are ideal for quick and easy integration into your projects.

Take your designs to the next level with the Compass Background vector template file. Download it now from Downloader Baba and add a touch of elegance to your creative endeavors.