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Colorful Distressed Banners – Free Vector Templates for Download


Colorful distressed banners are a unique collection of graphics that add a touch of grunge and vintage style to any project. With a range of grunge banners, dirty backgrounds, and distressed textures, these vector templates are perfect for creating eye-catching designs.


Grunge and Vintage Style

These colorful distressed banners are designed with a grungy and vintage aesthetic, adding character and uniqueness to your designs.

Wide Range of Options

With a variety of grunge banners, dirty backgrounds, and distressed textures, you have endless options to choose from to create the perfect design for your project.

Flexible File Types

The file types included in this package are EPS and JPG, providing you with flexibility in using these templates across various design software and platforms.

Perfect for Various Projects

Whether you're working on digital or print projects, these vector templates can be used to enhance your designs, such as logos, banners, textures, and more.


  • Grunge banner
  • Dirty background
  • Grunge texture
  • Grunge effect
  • Grungy
  • Distressed background
  • Dirty texture
  • Texture effect
  • Distressed texture
  • Vintage grunge
  • Grunge overlay
  • Grunge background
  • Distressed
  • Grunge stamp
  • Grunge logo
  • Logo banner
  • Vintage texture
  • Dirty
  • White grunge
  • Texture overlay
  • Stamp effect
  • Sticker paint
  • Texture
  • Banner texture
  • Distressed paper
  • Yellow paper
  • Material
  • Stamp texture
  • Yellow grunge
  • Red texture
  • Texture background
  • Print texture
  • Grunge paper
  • Retro effect


Vector Templates

These colorful distressed banners are a perfect choice for adding a touch of grunge and vintage style to your designs. Explore the wide range of options available and unleash your creativity with these flexible vector templates. Use them for various projects, from logos to banners, and create designs that stand out. Download these EPS and JPG files from the website '' and give your designs a unique textured look.