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Blank Picture Frame on Grey Concrete Wall – Free PSD Download

Editable Blank Picture Frame on a Grey Concrete Wall

If you're looking for a versatile and editable PSD template file featuring a blank picture frame hanging on a grey concrete wall, you've come to the right place. This high-quality file is perfect for artists, designers, or anyone looking to showcase their work in a stylish and modern way.


  • Canvas Frame
  • Wall
  • Wall Frame
  • Blank Canvas
  • Frame
  • Canvas
  • Blank Frame
  • Room Wall
  • Interior Wall
  • Room Interior
  • Blank Wall
  • Grey Wall
  • Room
  • Interior
  • Concrete Wall
  • Concrete
  • Grey
  • Blank

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This PSD template file is available in both PSD and JPG formats for your convenience. Whether you prefer working with Photoshop or need a quick solution with a JPG file, we've got you covered.


Belonging to the PSD Templates category, this file is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their design projects with a professional touch. With easy-to-edit features and a modern aesthetic, this template will surely make your work stand out.