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Ad school template poster – Free PSD for download

About the Template

The Ad School Template Poster is a professional and visually appealing PSD file available for download on the website:

Features of the Template

  • High-quality and customizable design
  • Perfect for businesses, corporate use, and marketing purposes
  • Can be used as a poster or flyer
  • Comes in both PSD and JPG file formats
  • Suitable for various advertising and promotional needs
  • Ideal for marketing agencies and advertising agencies

Template Details

File Type

The Ad School Template Poster is available in PSD and JPG file formats, allowing easy editing and customization to meet your specific requirements.


This template falls under the category of PSD Templates, making it a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to create professionally designed posters or flyers.


This template is associated with the following tags:

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Please note that the provided file is a PSD template that requires editing software capable of handling PSD files. Ensure you have the necessary software before downloading.