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3D Rendering of a Teenager in a White Hoodie – Free PSD Download

About the PSD Template file:

The PSD template file available on features a 3D rendering of a teenager wearing a white hoodie. The hoodie is isolated against a white background, making it easy to use for a variety of design projects.

More details about the file:

  • Tags: man, background, white, space, face, art, design, model, human, young, wear, male, fashion, isolated, caucasian, advertisement, portrait, person, handsome, studio, adult, head, casual, guy, clothes, boy, standing, shirt, hood, cotton, mock up, apparel, hooded, mock, tshirt, wearing, hoodie, t shirt, mockup, one
  • File Type: PSD, JPG
  • Category: PSD Templates

Why choose this PSD template file?

With a focus on a teenager in a white hoodie, this PSD template file offers a versatile design element that can be easily incorporated into various projects. Whether you're working on a fashion advertisement, a portrait design, or a mockup for apparel, this file provides a high-quality image to enhance your work.