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Out-of-focus colorful bokeh neon lights – Free Stock Photo Download

About the File

This file is a free stock photo featuring out-of-focus colorful bokeh neon lights. The image has a stunning background created by abstract lights. The lights appear blurred, creating a captivating effect. The blur adds a sense of motion to the image.


This image can be described with various tags, such as:

Abstract Lights

The image showcases abstract lights, which add a unique touch to any design or project.

Lights Background

The background of this image exudes a soft glow created by the neon lights, providing a beautiful setting for any project.

Blurred Lights

The lights in the image appear intentionally blurred, creating a dreamy and visually appealing effect.

Glow Background

The neon lights create a vibrant glow that serves as a stunning background for any creative endeavor.

Bokeh Lights

This image captures the essence of bokeh lights, with their blurred and out-of-focus appearance, adding a touch of magic to any project.

Flare Background

The neon lights create a dazzling flare effect in the background, adding energy and vibrancy to any design.

Blur Background

The image showcases a beautifully blurred background, which can serve as a versatile backdrop for various projects.

Abstract Light

This photo features abstract light formations, adding a creative and artistic touch to any visual work.

Neon Glow

The captivating neon glow of the lights in the image can elevate the visual impact of any project.

Motion Blur

The intentional blur effect in the lights gives a sense of dynamic motion, making the image truly engaging.

File Details

File Type: JPG

Category: Free Stock Photos

Feel free to download and use this mesmerizing image in your creative endeavors.