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List of Top 100 Pinterest Hashtags

List of Top 100 Pinterest Hashtags

Sohail Ahmad
August 23, 2023
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In the vast realm of social media, hashtags have emerged as powerful tools for content discovery and engagement. And when it comes to visual inspiration and creative ideas, Pinterest stands as a unique platform that thrives on its vibrant community of creators, curators, and enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’re delving into the art of harnessing Pinterest hashtags, uncovering the top 100 that span across various categories. Whether you’re a marketer aiming to enhance brand visibility or a DIY enthusiast seeking to share your latest project, these hashtags will pave the way for your content to shine amid the multitude. So, let’s embark on a journey through five diverse categories, each accompanied by a curated list of 30 hashtags, and unlock the door to heightened discovery and engagement.

1. Marketing


interest recommends using relevant and descriptive hashtags that accurately reflect the content of your pin. You can also use your business name or tagline as a hashtag.  































2. Home Decor

Home Decor

This description would be perfect for a pin featuring a clean and uncluttered space with simple lines and neutral colors.































3. Food and Recipes

Food and RecipesFood and Recipes

This board is a collection of the best food and recipe ideas from around the web. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy weeknight meal or a more elaborate dish for a special occasion.































4. Fashion and Style

Fashion and Style

This board is for fashion and style inspiration. Here you will find outfit ideas for all occasions, from casual to formal, as well as tips on how to create your own unique style. Whether you’re looking for new trends or just want to get inspired, you’re sure to find something here.






























#OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

5. DIY and Crafts

DIY and Crafts

This board is for all things DIY and crafts! Find inspiration for your next project, whether it’s a home decor piece, a handmade gift, or just something fun to do for yourself. We’ve got tutorials, ideas, and inspiration for all levels of crafters.































Benefits of Using Pinterest Hashtags: A Table

Increased Pin VisibilityHow hashtags enhance the reach of your pins
Targeted Audience ReachReaching users genuinely interested in your content
Category-specific DiscoveryConnecting with users within specific niches
Trend ParticipationJoining trending conversations through hashtags
Analytics InsightsTracking hashtag performance for optimization

Methodology for Selecting Top Hashtags

Introduction to Methodology

Explain the significance of a robust methodology in compiling a list of top Pinterest hashtags.

Highlight the goal of providing a diverse and effective set of hashtags for various purposes.

Hashtag Research Tools and Platforms

Introduce the tools and platforms used for hashtag research (e.g., Pinterest’s own search feature, third-party tools).

Explain how these tools aid in identifying popular and relevant hashtags.

Popularity and Engagement Metrics

Discuss the importance of considering popularity and engagement metrics.

Explain metrics like the number of times a hashtag has been used and the level of engagement (likes, saves, comments) it receives.

Relevancy and Context

Highlight the necessity of selecting hashtags that are relevant to your content.

Explain how hashtags should match the pin’s topic, style, and purpose.

Trending and Seasonal Hashtags

Explain the process of identifying trending and seasonal hashtags.

Discuss the use of tools to monitor current trends and upcoming events.

Evergreen and Niche-Specific Hashtags

Describe the process of finding evergreen and niche-specific hashtags.

Explain how these hashtags maintain relevance over time and target a specific audience.

Quality Over Quantity

Emphasize the importance of quality hashtags over a large quantity.

Discuss how a well-chosen, smaller set of hashtags can yield better results.

Diversity of Categories

Explain the approach of including hashtags from various categories to cater to different content types and industries.

Mention categories like fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, etc.

Manual Curating and Review

Discuss the role of manual curation in the process.

Explain how manually reviewing and refining the list ensures its accuracy and relevance.

Community and User Input

Mention the consideration of community and user input.

Discuss how listening to the Pinterest community and user suggestions contributes to the final list.

Testing and Validation

Explain the importance of testing the effectiveness of selected hashtags.

Discuss how pins with different hashtag combinations were tested to evaluate their impact on engagement.

Recent Algorithm Changes

Address any recent changes in Pinterest’s algorithm that might affect hashtag usage.

Explain how the methodology adapted to these changes to ensure the hashtag recommendations are up-to-date.

Ethical Considerations

Mention the ethical aspect of hashtag selection, avoiding controversial or misleading hashtags.

Emphasize the importance of maintaining authenticity and integrity in hashtag usage.


What are Pinterest hashtags and how do they work?

Pinterest hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the “#” symbol, used to categorize and organize content. When you add a hashtag to your pin’s description, it becomes clickable and searchable. Clicking on a hashtag takes users to a feed of pins using the same hashtag.

How many hashtags should I use in a pin description?

While Pinterest allows up to 20 hashtags per pin, it’s best to focus on quality over quantity. Aim for 3-5 relevant and specific hashtags per pin. Overloading with hashtags may come across as spammy and dilute your pin’s message.

Should I use broad or niche-specific hashtags?

It’s beneficial to use a mix of both. Broad hashtags increase the visibility of your pin, while niche-specific hashtags help you target a more engaged and interested audience. Strike a balance between general and niche hashtags for optimal results.

Can I edit or remove hashtags from my pins?

Yes, you can edit or remove hashtags from your pin descriptions at any time. Simply go to the pin and click on the “Edit” option. This flexibility allows you to refine your hashtag strategy based on performance and trends.

Do Pinterest hashtags affect my pin’s ranking in search results?

While Pinterest hasn’t explicitly confirmed whether hashtags impact search ranking, they can enhance your pin’s discoverability within hashtag feeds. Focus on using relevant and trending hashtags to increase your pin’s visibility.

How do I find the best hashtags for my pins?

Research is key. Look for popular and trending hashtags within your niche by exploring Pinterest’s search bar. Pay attention to what competitors and influencers are using. Additionally, tools like Pinterest Trends and third-party platforms can offer insights into popular hashtags.

Can I create my own branded hashtags on Pinterest?

Yes, creating branded hashtags can help you establish a unique identity on Pinterest. Use your brand name, slogan, or specific campaign hashtags. Branded hashtags make it easier for users to associate content with your brand.

How often should I update my hashtag strategy?

Regularly review your hashtag performance and adapt your strategy accordingly. Monitor which hashtags are driving engagement and clicks, and consider incorporating new trends and popular keywords.

Are there any rules for using Pinterest hashtags?

Avoid using overly generic hashtags, irrelevant tags, or using too many hashtags. Ensure that your hashtags are directly related to your pin’s content. Spammy practices could negatively impact your pin’s visibility.

Can I use hashtags on Pinterest ads?

Yes, you can use hashtags in your promoted pins. However, make sure the hashtags are relevant to your ad’s content and target audience. Using hashtags can potentially increase the reach of your promoted content.

By understanding how Pinterest hashtags function and strategically incorporating them into your pins, you’ll be well-equipped to amplify your content’s reach, engagement, and overall impact on the platform.


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Pinterest hashtags have emerged as powerful tools for enhancing discoverability, engagement, and overall success. Through this journey, we’ve explored the world of Pinterest hashtags, from understanding their role to curating the ultimate list of top 100 hashtags.

We’ve delved into the methodology behind the selection process, ensuring that each hashtag recommendation is grounded in popularity, relevance, and user engagement. By combining research tools, considering context, and valuing the input of the Pinterest community, we’ve created a diverse set of hashtags that cater to various niches, industries, trends, and events.


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