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30+ Best Free Fonts for Designers 2021 - NEW COLLECTION on Behance

How to Find and Download Free Fonts on

January 3, 2024
121 0 stands as a dynamic platform that celebrates the diversity of creative expression. To uncover the vast array of free fonts it offers, let’s embark on a journey through its key features and sections.

Artist Profiles

At the heart of are the artist profiles, each showcasing the unique talents and creations of individuals worldwide. Fonts often accompany graphic design projects, and by exploring artist profiles, you gain insights into the varied styles and typographic choices made by these creatives.


Dive into the “Projects” section to witness the convergence of visual elements and fonts in completed works. Artists frequently share their design process, and this section provides a valuable resource for understanding how fonts are integrated into diverse projects, from branding to digital art.

Curated Collections features curated collections that highlight exceptional works, including fonts. These collections are curated by the Behance team or influential members of the creative community. Exploring these collections allows you to discover fonts aligned with specific themes, moods, or design trends.

Search Functionality

Efficiently navigate by leveraging its powerful search functionality. Use keywords, tags, or artist names to narrow down your font exploration. The search bar, prominently placed on the site, is your gateway to a tailored font discovery experience.

Community Recommendations is not just a platform for individual artists; it’s a vibrant community. Engage with the community through comments, discussions, and collaborative projects. Fellow creatives often recommend fonts they’ve used or discovered, creating a dynamic ecosystem of shared resources. Mobile App

Take your exploration on the go with the mobile app. The app allows you to access fonts and projects seamlessly from your mobile device, providing flexibility and convenience in your creative endeavors.

As you delve into these facets of, keep an eye out for fonts that resonate with your projects. The platform’s intuitive design and user-friendly features make it a treasure trove for font enthusiasts and design professionals alike.

Searching for Fonts

Searching for the perfect font on is an exciting and straightforward process. Whether you have a specific style in mind or you’re open to exploration, the platform provides robust search options to cater to your font-finding needs.

Keyword Search

Start your font journey by using the powerful keyword search feature. Enter relevant terms such as “sans-serif,” “handwritten,” or “vintage” to discover fonts that align with your project’s aesthetic. The platform’s intelligent search algorithm ensures accurate and efficient results.

Tag Exploration relies on a tagging system that categorizes projects and fonts based on themes, styles, and attributes. Explore popular tags like “typography,” “lettering,” or specific design trends to uncover a curated selection of fonts that match your preferences.

Artist-Specific Searches

If you come across an artist whose work resonates with you, delve into their profile for a deeper font exploration. The search bar within an artist’s profile allows you to find fonts specifically associated with their projects, providing a more personalized and targeted approach.

Sorting and Filtering

Refine your search results further by utilizing the sorting and filtering options available. Arrange fonts based on popularity, date, or relevance to discover trending or recently added typographic gems. Filtering by project type or creative field can also narrow down your focus.

List of Results

Upon initiating a search, presents you with a comprehensive list of results. Each result includes a preview of the font in context, project details, and information about the artist. This visual representation helps you quickly assess whether a particular font aligns with your project requirements.

Table for Comparison

Font Name Artist Style Popularity
FancyScript John Designer Script High
ModernSans Amy Creative Sans-serif Medium

Consider creating a comparison table to assess multiple fonts side by side. This structured format allows you to evaluate key details such as font name, artist, style, and popularity at a glance.

With these search techniques and tools at your disposal, empowers you to find the ideal fonts for your creative projects efficiently and with precision.

Downloading Fonts

Downloading fonts from is a straightforward process that allows you to seamlessly integrate captivating typography into your projects. Whether you’re a designer looking for a specific style or a casual user exploring creative possibilities, the platform offers user-friendly options for font acquisition.

Project Page Download Button

When you find a font you’d like to download, navigate to the project page associated with the font. Here, you’ll find a prominent Download button. Clicking this button initiates the download process, ensuring you have direct access to the font file.

Artist Profile Downloads

For users interested in multiple fonts from a specific artist, exploring the artist’s profile provides a centralized location for font downloads. Artists often organize their fonts within projects, and the artist profile serves as a hub for accessing their entire font collection.

Download Options typically provides font files in commonly used formats such as TTF (TrueType Font) or OTF (OpenType Font). These formats ensure compatibility with various design software and platforms. Before downloading, check for the availability of different file formats to suit your specific needs.

License Information

Before proceeding with the download, it’s essential to review the license information associated with the font. contributors may use different licensing models, ranging from free for personal use to commercial licenses. Respect the terms specified by the artist to ensure proper usage of the font in your projects.

Installation Guide

Once the font file is downloaded, installing it on your system is the next step. fonts are typically installed using standard procedures for your operating system. For Windows users, this may involve right-clicking on the font file and selecting “Install.” Mac users can often double-click the font file and choose “Install Font” from the preview window.

Table for License Comparison

Font Name License Type Usage
FancyScript Free for Personal Use Personal projects, non-commercial
ModernSans Commercial License Commercial projects, client work

Consider creating a table to compare the license types associated with different fonts. This ensures clarity on the permissible usage of each font according to the artist’s terms.

By following these steps, you can easily navigate the process of discovering, downloading, and incorporating fonts from into your creative projects.

Quality and Licensing

Ensuring the quality and understanding the licensing terms of fonts on is crucial for creating a seamless and legally compliant design experience. Let’s delve into how maintains high-quality standards for fonts and the importance of respecting licensing agreements.

Font Quality Standards upholds a commitment to quality, and fonts featured on the platform undergo a curation process. This process ensures that fonts meet certain design standards, encouraging a diverse yet refined selection for users. The platform’s reputation for hosting quality content assures users that the fonts they explore and download are crafted with skill and creativity.

Licensing Models

Understanding the licensing models associated with fonts is essential to using them appropriately. contributors often specify the terms under which their fonts can be used. Common licensing models include:

  • Free for Personal Use: Fonts can be used in personal projects but not for commercial purposes.
  • Commercial License: Fonts can be used in commercial projects, including client work, with proper licensing.
  • Open Source: Fonts may have an open-source license, allowing users to modify and distribute them under certain conditions.

License Details on Project Pages

When exploring fonts on, detailed license information is often provided on the respective project pages. It’s crucial to review this information before downloading fonts to ensure compliance with the artist’s terms. Look for sections labeled “License” or “Usage Rights” to find specific details about how the font can be used.

Attribution and Usage Guidelines

Some fonts may require attribution or have specific usage guidelines outlined by the artist. This information is typically included in the license details. If attribution is required, ensure that proper credit is given to the font creator in your projects, as a gesture of respect for their work.

Table for License Comparison

Font Name License Type Attribution Required
FancyScript Free for Personal Use No
ModernSans Commercial License Yes

Create a table for a quick comparison of license types and whether attribution is required for each font. This helps users make informed decisions about font usage in their projects.

By prioritizing both quality and understanding licensing terms, users can navigate confidently, selecting fonts that align with their creative vision while respecting the rights of the talented artists behind the designs.

Tips for Font Selection

Choosing the right fonts is a critical aspect of design that significantly impacts the overall aesthetic and effectiveness of your projects. offers a diverse range of fonts, and here are some valuable tips to enhance your font selection process for various creative endeavors.

Consider the Project Context

Before diving into font options, carefully consider the context of your project. Different projects require different tones, and selecting fonts that align with the intended mood or message is crucial. Whether it’s a formal business document, a playful website, or a creative poster, the right font sets the tone effectively.

Pairing Complementary Fonts

Experiment with font pairings to achieve a harmonious and visually appealing design. Combining fonts with contrasting styles, such as pairing a bold sans-serif headline with a subtle serif body text, can create a balanced and dynamic composition. provides a vast selection, allowing you to explore various pairings to find the perfect combination.

Test Readability

Ensure that the selected font is easily readable in the intended context. Consider factors such as font size, spacing, and legibility. It’s essential that your audience can effortlessly consume the information without straining their eyes. Use’s preview options to assess how the font appears in different sizes and formats.

Adaptability Across Platforms

Opt for fonts that are versatile and maintain readability across different platforms and devices. Fonts that scale well and retain their visual appeal on various screen sizes ensure a consistent and professional presentation. offers fonts in standard formats, contributing to their adaptability in diverse design environments.

Explore Different Styles hosts fonts in an array of styles, from classic serifs to modern scripts. Don’t hesitate to explore and experiment with different styles to find the one that complements your project best. Bold and expressive fonts can add character, while subtle and elegant choices convey sophistication.

Create a Style Guide

As you discover fonts on, consider creating a style guide for your projects. Document your chosen fonts, their usage guidelines, and any specific design elements associated with them. This guide serves as a reference for maintaining consistency across various design assets.

List of Font Resources

  • Font Library: Explore the diverse collection of fonts available on
  • Google Fonts: A vast library of free and open-source fonts for web projects.
  • Adobe Fonts: Access a wide range of high-quality fonts with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Include a list of additional font resources beyond, allowing users to expand their font choices for different projects and design needs.

By applying these tips and leveraging’s extensive font library, you’ll elevate your design projects, ensuring they not only look visually appealing but also effectively communicate your intended message to your audience.


Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate the process of finding and downloading free fonts on

1. How do I search for specific fonts on

Utilize the platform’s powerful search bar and enter keywords, tags, or artist names to narrow down your font exploration. Experiment with different search terms to find fonts that match your project requirements.

2. Can I use fonts for commercial projects?

The usage rights and licensing information for each font are provided on the respective project pages. Ensure you review the license details to determine if a font can be used for commercial purposes or if it is restricted to personal use only.

3. Are there different file formats available for downloading fonts?

Yes, typically offers fonts in commonly used formats such as TTF (TrueType Font) or OTF (OpenType Font). Check the available formats before downloading to ensure compatibility with your design software.

4. How do I install fonts on my computer?

Once you’ve downloaded a font, installation procedures vary based on your operating system. For Windows users, right-click on the font file and select “Install.” Mac users can often double-click the font file and choose “Install Font” from the preview window.

5. Is attribution required for using fonts?

License details, including whether attribution is required, are provided on the project pages. Some fonts may require giving credit to the font creator, so be sure to check and comply with the specified attribution terms.

6. Can I modify fonts for my projects?

The modification rights for each font depend on the license type. Some fonts may have open-source licenses that allow modification, while others may have restrictions. Check the license details to understand if and how you can modify the fonts.

7. Are there recommendations for font pairings on provides a diverse range of fonts, allowing you to experiment with different pairings. While the platform itself may not offer explicit recommendations, you can explore and discover complementary font combinations based on your project requirements.

Feel free to explore these frequently asked questions to enhance your experience with finding and utilizing fonts on If you have additional queries, consult the specific project pages and license information for detailed answers.


Congratulations on embarking on a creative journey through the diverse world of fonts on As we wrap up this exploration, let’s recap the key takeaways and encourage you to continue leveraging this platform for your design endeavors.

Unlocking Creative Potential serves as a hub for creative minds, and its extensive font library offers a treasure trove of possibilities. By navigating artist profiles, exploring projects, and discovering curated collections, you’ve gained valuable insights into the rich landscape of fonts available for free.

Efficient Font Discovery

With effective search techniques, you can efficiently find fonts that align with your project’s aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for specific styles, exploring tags, or relying on community recommendations,’s search functionality empowers you to discover fonts tailored to your creative vision.

Seamless Downloading and Licensing

Downloading fonts from is a straightforward process, accompanied by clear licensing information. By understanding the license types and adhering to usage guidelines, you can confidently incorporate these fonts into your projects, both personal and commercial.

Quality, Diversity, and Style upholds quality standards, ensuring that the fonts showcased on the platform meet design excellence. The diverse styles, from classic serifs to modern scripts, enable you to experiment and find fonts that enhance the visual impact of your creations.

Continuous Exploration and Learning

As you continue your creative journey, remember to stay curious and explore new fonts regularly., along with other font resources, provides a vast playground for continuous learning and inspiration. Document your discoveries, create style guides, and refine your approach to font selection for an evolving design aesthetic.

In conclusion, not only offers a vast collection of free fonts but also fosters a thriving community of creative individuals. By incorporating the tips for font selection, understanding licensing nuances, and exploring the platform’s features, you’re well-equipped to elevate your design projects.

Continue exploring, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of creativity. awaits your next discovery, and with the right fonts, your design endeavors are poised for success!

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