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9Gag Story: When Did 9gag Turn Into a Meme Hub?

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June 14, 2023
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9Gag, once a simple meme-sharing website, has transformed into a thriving meme hub that captivates millions of users worldwide. Known for its humorous content and viral memes, 9Gag has become a prominent platform in the realm of internet culture. But when and how did 9Gag undergo this evolution? In this blog post, we will delve into the journey of 9Gag and explore the factors that propelled it into meme hub stardom.

From its humble beginnings to its expansion into various types of content, we will uncover the key milestones that led 9Gag to become the go-to destination for meme enthusiasts. Join us as we uncover the fascinating story of how 9Gag turned into the meme hub we know today.

1. The Birth of 9Gag:

An image of 9gag

In order to understand the transformation of 9Gag into a meme hub, we must first look at its origins. 9Gag was founded in 2008 by a group of five Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs. Originally, the platform was created as an online community for users to share and discuss humorous content, with a particular emphasis on memes.

During its early days, 9Gag gained traction by offering a user-friendly interface that allowed anyone to easily upload and share memes. The simplicity and accessibility of the platform attracted a growing community of users who appreciated the humor and entertainment value of memes.

As the popularity of 9Gag began to rise, it became a hub for meme enthusiasts and content creators alike. The platform’s focus on memes set it apart from other humor websites, allowing it to carve out a niche in the online humor landscape.

With its growing user base and increasing influence, 9Gag became a central hub for discovering and sharing the latest memes. It provided a platform for users to not only consume memes but also actively engage with the content through comments, likes, and shares. This interactive aspect of 9Gag’s community fostered a sense of belonging and camaraderie among meme enthusiasts.

As memes gained prominence in internet culture, 9Gag served as a breeding ground for the creation and dissemination of viral content. Users would create and share memes that resonated with the community, leading to an exponential growth in the platform’s popularity. Memes became the lifeblood of 9Gag, driving its transformation from a simple meme-sharing website to a full-fledged meme hub.

In the next sections, we will explore how 9Gag expanded its content, engaged its community, and capitalized on the mainstream adoption of memes, ultimately solidifying its position as a leading meme hub.

2. The Rise of Memes:

To understand the transformation of 9Gag into a meme hub, it is essential to recognize the broader context of the rise of memes in internet culture. Memes, defined as humorous or satirical images, videos, or text that spread rapidly across the internet, have become a fundamental part of online communication and entertainment.

Memes have a unique ability to capture and convey cultural references, inside jokes, and shared experiences in a concise and relatable format. They often combine humor, wit, and visual elements to create a memorable and shareable piece of content. Memes provide a way for individuals to express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas, making them a universal language of the internet.

Over the years, memes have evolved from simple image macros to encompass a wide range of formats, including GIFs, videos, and text-based memes. Platforms like 9Gag have played a significant role in curating, popularizing, and spreading memes across the internet.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have become breeding grounds for meme culture, with memes regularly going viral and being shared among millions of users. Memes have become a part of mainstream culture, with celebrities, brands, and even politicians embracing and referencing memes in their content.

As memes gained traction, they began to influence various aspects of society, including advertising, politics, and entertainment. Memes have been utilized in advertising campaigns to engage with younger audiences, and they have been used as a form of social commentary to raise awareness about societal issues. Memes have even influenced popular culture, with catchphrases and references from memes becoming embedded in everyday conversations.

In this evolving landscape, 9Gag played a pivotal role in aggregating, curating, and disseminating memes to a wide audience. By capitalizing on the growing popularity of memes, 9Gag transformed into a meme hub that not only showcased the latest memes but also fostered a vibrant community of meme enthusiasts.

In the following sections, we will explore how 9Gag expanded its content beyond memes, encouraged community interaction, and capitalized on the mainstream adoption of memes, ultimately solidifying its position as a leading meme hub.

3. Expanding Content on 9Gag:

While 9Gag initially gained popularity as a platform dedicated to memes, it recognized the need to expand its content to cater to a wider audience and keep up with the evolving trends in internet humor. As a result, 9Gag began incorporating various types of content beyond traditional image-based memes. This expansion allowed the platform to attract a more diverse user base and solidify its position as a comprehensive hub for entertainment and humor.

One notable addition to 9Gag’s content was the inclusion of GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format). GIFs are short, looping animations that can effectively convey emotions, reactions, and humorous situations. By integrating GIFs into its platform, 9Gag provided users with a more dynamic and visually engaging experience.

Furthermore, 9Gag expanded its content offerings to include videos. With the rise of video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vine, videos became a popular form of entertainment on the internet. By incorporating videos into its platform, 9Gag tapped into this trend and provided users with a broader range of humorous and entertaining content.

In addition to GIFs and videos, 9Gag embraced other forms of humorous content, such as jokes, puns, comics, and satirical articles. This diversification allowed the platform to cater to different humor preferences and appeal to a broader audience.

By expanding its content beyond memes, 9Gag became a one-stop destination for users seeking a variety of humorous and entertaining content. Whether someone was looking for a quick laugh, an amusing video, or a clever pun, 9Gag provided a platform that fulfilled those needs.

Moreover, this expansion of content not only attracted new users but also encouraged existing users to spend more time on the platform. With an increasingly diverse range of content, users could explore and engage with different forms of humor, further enhancing the overall user experience.

In the next section, we will explore how 9Gag encouraged community interaction and user-generated content, which played a significant role in the platform’s growth and transformation into a meme hub.

4. Community Interaction and User-Generated Content:

One of the key factors that contributed to 9Gag’s transformation into a meme hub was its strong emphasis on community interaction and user-generated content. 9Gag recognized the importance of user engagement and created features that fostered a sense of community, allowing users to actively participate in shaping the content and culture of the platform.

One of the central features of 9Gag is the ability for users to comment on posts. This feature encouraged discussions, exchanges of opinions, and the sharing of additional humorous content related to the original post. Users could engage in conversations, add their own comedic insights, or simply express their reactions to the content. The comment section became a space where users could interact, connect, and contribute to the ongoing humor and dialogue.

Furthermore, 9Gag introduced an upvoting system, allowing users to express their preference for specific content. Posts that received a high number of upvotes would rise to prominence, gaining more visibility and potentially going viral. This voting system provided a democratic way for the community to curate the content on the platform, ensuring that the most popular and engaging memes rose to the top.

Additionally, 9Gag enabled users to create and share their own content directly on the platform. This user-generated content added a personalized touch to the meme hub, allowing individuals to showcase their creativity and sense of humor. Users could upload original memes, GIFs, or videos, contributing to the ever-growing library of humorous content on 9Gag. This user-driven approach helped foster a sense of ownership and belonging within the community, as users actively participated in shaping the content landscape.

The combination of community interaction, user comments, and user-generated content created an immersive and engaging experience on 9Gag. It transformed the platform into a vibrant hub where users could not only consume memes but also actively participate in the creation, curation, and discussion of content.

In the following sections, we will explore how the mainstream adoption of memes and 9Gag’s strategic partnerships with brands contributed to its growth and solidified its position as a meme hub.

5. Memes Going Mainstream:

Memes, once confined to niche internet communities, have experienced a remarkable journey into the mainstream. These viral and often humorous pieces of content have transcended online platforms and seeped into various aspects of popular culture, solidifying their status as a significant cultural phenomenon. As memes gained widespread recognition and adoption, 9Gag, with its position as a prominent meme hub, played a crucial role in their journey to the mainstream.

The democratization of internet access, coupled with the rise of social media platforms, propelled memes into the mainstream consciousness. Memes became a shared language that connected people across different demographics, cultural backgrounds, and geographies. The relatable nature of memes allowed them to transcend barriers and create a sense of community among internet users.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, became breeding grounds for memes, with users sharing and resharing content that resonated with them. Memes became viral sensations, spreading rapidly and captivating the attention of millions. Internet memes began permeating conversations, influencing slang, and shaping digital communication.

In this wave of mainstream adoption, 9Gag emerged as a central hub for meme enthusiasts. The platform curated and showcased the latest and most popular memes, making it a go-to destination for users seeking a dose of laughter and entertainment. As 9Gag’s user base grew, so did its influence in amplifying and shaping meme culture.

Brands, recognizing the power of memes in reaching and engaging with younger audiences, started incorporating memes into their marketing strategies. Memes became a means for brands to communicate with their target demographic in a relatable and humorous manner. 9Gag, with its large and active community, became an attractive platform for brands to collaborate and promote their products or services through sponsored meme content.

Additionally, memes began to infiltrate various aspects of popular culture. Memes became a form of political satire, social commentary, and entertainment. Memes were used to poke fun at politicians, comment on societal issues, and provide a lighthearted take on current events. The impact of memes on popular culture further solidified 9Gag’s position as a meme hub, as it became a source for users to discover and share memes that had significant cultural relevance.

In conclusion, the mainstream adoption of memes propelled 9Gag into its role as a prominent meme hub. As memes transcended online communities and gained recognition in popular culture, 9Gag served as a central platform for curating, sharing, and discussing the latest and most viral memes. The platform’s active community and its influence in the meme landscape further contributed to its growth and solidified its position as a go-to destination for meme enthusiasts.

6. Memes and Social Commentary:

One fascinating aspect of memes is their ability to serve as vehicles for social commentary. Memes have evolved beyond simple humor and entertainment, often carrying underlying messages, critiques, and observations about societal issues. As memes gained popularity and became ingrained in internet culture, they emerged as a unique form of expressing social commentary in a humorous and relatable way.

Memes have the power to encapsulate complex ideas and opinions in a concise and visually engaging format. They often employ satire, irony, and clever juxtapositions to highlight societal absurdities or draw attention to pressing issues. Memes can serve as a means of critique, challenging prevailing norms, beliefs, or practices.

9Gag, as a meme hub, has played a significant role in the intersection of memes and social commentary. The platform has been a breeding ground for socially conscious memes that address a wide range of topics, such as politics, gender, race, and environmental issues. Memes on 9Gag have provided a platform for users to express their thoughts, opinions, and frustrations through humor and satire.

Through memes, users on 9Gag have been able to raise awareness, spark conversations, and engage in dialogue about important social issues. Memes can serve as a tool to initiate discussions, prompt critical thinking, and challenge prevailing narratives. By presenting complex topics in a digestible and entertaining manner, memes on 9Gag have the potential to reach a vast audience and promote social awareness.

Moreover, memes can bridge generational gaps and facilitate intergenerational conversations. As memes become a shared language across different age groups, they create opportunities for dialogue and understanding between different generations. Memes can serve as a common ground for discussing societal changes, generational perspectives, and evolving cultural norms.

It is important to note that while memes can be powerful tools for social commentary, they also have limitations. Memes often operate in a simplified and condensed form, which can lead to oversimplification or the potential for misinterpretation. However, when used thoughtfully and with nuance, memes can be effective in generating social awareness and encouraging critical engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: When did 9Gag turn into a meme hub?
A: 9Gag has been known as a meme hub since its inception in 2008. However, the website gained significant popularity and established itself as a prominent platform for memes around 2011-2012.

Q2: How did 9Gag gain its popularity?
A: 9Gag gained popularity through its viral content and the ability for users to easily share and discover memes. As more users joined the platform and shared content across social media, 9Gag became synonymous with internet memes.

Q3: What types of content can be found on 9Gag besides memes?
A: In addition to memes, 9Gag features a wide range of humorous content, including funny images, GIFs, videos, comic strips, and text posts. Users can find content related to various topics such as pop culture, humor, animals, gaming, and more.

Q4: Is 9Gag accessible on mobile devices?
A: Yes, 9Gag is accessible on mobile devices. The platform has a dedicated mobile app available for both iOS and Android, allowing users to browse and enjoy content on their smartphones and tablets.

Q5: Can users upload their own content to 9Gag?
A: Yes, users can upload their own content to 9Gag. The platform encourages user-generated content and provides tools for users to create and share their own memes, images, videos, and other funny content with the community.

Q6: Are there any age restrictions or guidelines for using 9Gag?
A: Yes, 9Gag has age restrictions and guidelines for using the platform. Users must be at least 13 years old to create an account. Additionally, 9Gag has community guidelines that prohibit the sharing of explicit or harmful content and encourage respectful interactions among users.


In conclusion, memes on platforms like 9Gag have emerged as a medium for social commentary, allowing users to express their thoughts and opinions on various societal issues. By combining humor, satire, and relatability, memes have the capacity to provoke thought, initiate conversations, and challenge the status quo. 9Gag’s role as a meme hub has facilitated the dissemination of socially conscious memes, fostering a space for users to engage in discussions and contribute to the ongoing social dialogue.



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