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How to comment/reply with gifs from the app: - 9GAG

9GAG How to Comment GIF: A Step-by-Step Guide

November 18, 2023
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Before diving into the exciting world of GIF comments on 9GAG, it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of 9GAG commenting. Here, we’ll explore what makes 9GAG‘s commenting system unique and why it’s worth being an active part of the community.

The Power of Comments on 9GAG

Comments on 9GAG are more than just words; they are a way to connect, express, and engage with the content and the community. Here’s why they matter:

  • Community Interaction: 9GAG is all about building a fun and vibrant community. Comments are your gateway to interact with like-minded individuals who share your sense of humor.
  • Express Yourself: Comments allow you to express your thoughts, opinions, and reactions to posts, fostering a sense of individuality and connection.
  • Humor and Creativity: Many 9GAG comments are known for their wit and humor. It’s a platform where creative and funny comments stand out and gain popularity.

Why GIF Comments?

While text comments are great, GIF comments take your interaction to a whole new level. Here’s why GIFs are a fantastic addition to 9GAG commenting:

  • Visual Impact: GIFs add a visual element to your comments, making your reactions and emotions more expressive and engaging.
  • Humor Amplified: GIFs are perfect for injecting humor into your comments. A well-timed GIF can make a post even funnier.
  • Enhanced Reactions: Sometimes, words aren’t enough to express your feelings. GIFs allow you to react more vividly to posts, from laughter to surprise and everything in between.

The Role of Upvotes and Downvotes

9GAG users can upvote or downvote comments based on their quality and relevance. Upvoted comments are more likely to gain visibility and engagement, while downvoted comments may be hidden. Understanding this dynamic can help you make your comments more appealing and appreciated within the community.

Upvotes Downvotes Visibility
More Upvotes Fewer Downvotes Your comment is more visible and gains popularity.
Fewer Upvotes More Downvotes Your comment may be hidden, and it receives less attention.

Understanding the role of upvotes and downvotes is crucial for creating comments that resonate with the 9GAG audience and contribute positively to the community.

Now that you have a solid understanding of 9GAG commenting, let’s proceed to the next steps in this guide, where we’ll explore how to make the most of your comments by adding GIFs to the mix.

Section 2: Registering and Logging In

Before you can start commenting and adding GIFs on 9GAG, you need to create an account and log in. This section will guide you through the simple process of registration and login, ensuring you’re ready to actively participate in the 9GAG community.

Creating Your 9GAG Account

Follow these steps to register and create your 9GAG account:

  1. Visit the 9GAG Website: Open your preferred web browser and go to the official 9GAG website (
  2. Click on “Sign Up”: Look for the “Sign Up” or “Join” button on the website’s main page and click on it.
  3. Choose Your Sign-Up Method: You can sign up using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account, or you can use your email. Select your preferred method.
  4. Complete Registration: Depending on your chosen method, follow the prompts to complete the registration process. If you’re using your email, you’ll need to provide a username, email address, and password.
  5. Email Verification: After registration, 9GAG may send a verification email to your provided address. Open your email and click on the verification link to activate your account.
  6. Set Your Profile: Once your account is activated, you can personalize your profile by adding a profile picture, description, and other details.

Logging In to Your Account

Logging in is straightforward and allows you to access all the features of your 9GAG account:

  1. Visit the 9GAG Website: Open your web browser and go to
  2. Click on “Log In”: Look for the “Log In” or “Sign In” option on the website’s main page and click on it.
  3. Enter Your Credentials: Provide your registered email address or username and the associated password.
  4. Click “Log In”: Once your credentials are entered, click the “Log In” button to access your 9GAG account.

Benefits of Registering

Registering on 9GAG opens the door to an array of benefits:

  • Customized Experience: With an account, you can personalize your feed, follow your favorite creators, and save content for later.
  • Commenting and Interaction: Registered users can comment, upvote, and downvote content, engaging more actively in the community.
  • Profile Management: You can manage your profile, track your comments and activity, and connect with other users.

Now that you’re registered and logged in, you’re all set to explore 9GAG, create memorable GIF comments, and immerse yourself in the world of humor and entertainment.

Section 3: Finding the Perfect GIF

Now that you’re all set with your 9GAG account, the next step in mastering GIF comments is finding the perfect GIF to express your thoughts and reactions effectively. Here’s how to do it:

Using 9GAG’s Built-In GIF Search

9GAG offers a convenient built-in GIF search feature that makes it easy to find and add GIFs to your comments:

  1. Open the Post You Want to Comment On: Find the post you’d like to comment on and click on it to open the post’s page.
  2. Click on the Comment Box: Scroll down to the comment section and click inside the comment box to start typing your comment.
  3. Click on the GIF Icon: Next to the comment box, you’ll see an icon that looks like a GIF. Click on it to open the GIF search tool.
  4. Search for a GIF: Use the search bar to type in keywords related to the GIF you want. For example, if you want a funny GIF, type “funny” and hit Enter.
  5. Choose a GIF: Browse through the search results and click on the GIF that best suits your comment. It will be added to your comment box.
  6. Complete Your Comment: Add any additional text or context to your comment, if necessary, and then hit “Post” to share it with the community.

Exploring External GIF Sources

While 9GAG’s built-in search is convenient, you can also explore external sources to find unique GIFs:

  • GIF Websites: Websites like Giphy, Tenor, and Imgur offer vast collections of GIFs that you can download and use in your comments.
  • Creating Your GIFs: If you’re feeling creative, you can make your GIFs using tools and apps like GIPHY Capture or EZGIF.
  • Using GIF Libraries: Some internet communities and forums maintain libraries of GIFs that you can access and use freely.

Adding Variety and Context

When choosing a GIF, consider the context and tone of the post. Make sure your GIF aligns with the content and adds value to the discussion. Avoid using irrelevant or offensive GIFs, as these can negatively impact your comment’s reception.

Experiment and Have Fun

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different GIFs to see which ones get the best reactions. Remember, 9GAG is all about humor and fun, so enjoy the process and let your creativity shine in your comments.

With the ability to find the perfect GIF at your fingertips, you’re well on your way to becoming a GIF-commenting pro on 9GAG. The right GIF can elevate your comments and make them stand out in the community.

Section 4: Posting a GIF Comment

Now that you’ve found the perfect GIF, it’s time to learn how to post a GIF comment on 9GAG. This section will walk you through the step-by-step process to ensure your comments stand out and make others smile.

1. Open the Post for Commenting

Start by finding the post you want to comment on. Click on the post to open it and scroll down to the comment section. Click inside the comment box to begin.

2. Add Your GIF

Here’s how to add the GIF you found:

  1. Click the GIF Icon: Next to the comment box, you’ll see an icon that looks like a GIF. Click on it to open the GIF search tool.
  2. Choose Your GIF: In the GIF search tool, you can use keywords to search for the GIF you want. Once you find the right one, click on it to add it to your comment box.

3. Add Context (Optional)

If you want to add some text or context to your comment along with the GIF, type it in the comment box. This can help explain the relevance of your chosen GIF or add a personal touch to your comment.

4. Review Your Comment

Before posting, take a moment to review your comment to ensure it looks and reads as you intended. Make sure the GIF adds value to your comment and fits the post’s context.

5. Post Your Comment

When you’re satisfied with your comment, click the “Post” button. Your GIF comment will now be visible to other users, and they can upvote, downvote, or reply to it.

Best Practices for GIF Comments

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when posting GIF comments on 9GAG:

  • Relevance: Ensure that your GIF is relevant to the post you’re commenting on. It should enhance the content and make the comment more engaging.
  • Humor and Wit: Use humor and wit to your advantage. GIF comments that make people laugh or smile often receive more positive attention.
  • Respect and Positivity: Maintain a respectful and positive tone in your comments. Avoid offensive or hurtful content.
  • Engage with Others: Be active in discussions by responding to others’ comments and creating a sense of community on 9GAG.

By following these steps and best practices, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a GIF-commenting expert on 9GAG. Your comments will not only entertain but also contribute to the vibrancy of the 9GAG community.

Section 5: Interacting with Other Comments

Engaging with other users’ comments is an essential part of the 9GAG experience. In this section, we’ll explore how to interact with and respond to comments effectively, fostering a sense of community and fun on the platform.

1. Upvoting and Downvoting

Upvoting and downvoting are ways to express your opinion about other users’ comments and contribute to their visibility on 9GAG:

  • Upvote (πŸ‘): Click the “upvote” button to show appreciation for a comment you like. Upvoted comments receive more visibility.
  • Downvote (πŸ‘Ž): Click the “downvote” button if you find a comment irrelevant or offensive. Downvoted comments may be hidden.

2. Replying to Comments

Replying to comments is a way to engage in discussions and share your thoughts. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click “Reply”: To reply to a comment, click the “Reply” button located below the comment you want to respond to.
  2. Type Your Response: In the reply box, type your response or comment. You can also add GIFs to your replies using the GIF icon.
  3. Post Your Reply: When your reply is ready, click the “Post” button to submit it. Your reply will be visible to others in the thread.

3. Creating Engaging Replies

To make your replies more engaging, consider the following tips:

  • Be Respectful: Maintain a respectful and positive tone in your replies, even if you disagree with the original comment.
  • Add Value: Ensure your reply adds value to the discussion, whether it’s humor, insight, or relevant information.
  • Use GIFs Wisely: If a GIF enhances your reply, don’t hesitate to include one. Make sure it’s contextually appropriate and contributes to the conversation.

4. Following and Private Messaging

On 9GAG, you can follow other users to keep up with their activity and send private messages for more personal interactions:

  • Follow a User: Click on a user’s profile and select the “Follow” button to receive updates on their posts and comments.
  • Send Private Messages: To send a private message, visit a user’s profile, and click the “Message” button. You can use private messages for one-on-one conversations.

5. Being a Positive Contributor

Remember that 9GAG is all about fun, humor, and positivity. Being a positive contributor to the community can earn you respect and a more enjoyable experience:

  • Spread Positivity: Use your interactions to spread positivity, make people laugh, and foster a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Respect Diverse Opinions: Respect different opinions and engage in constructive discussions rather than confrontations.
  • Report Inappropriate Content: If you come across content that violates 9GAG’s guidelines, use the reporting feature to maintain a safe environment for all users.

By following these guidelines, you’ll not only have a great time interacting with other comments but also contribute positively to the 9GAG community. Remember, 9GAG is all about sharing a good laugh and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Section 6: Common Issues and Troubleshooting

While 9GAG offers a delightful experience, you might encounter some common issues while commenting and engaging with GIFs. This section will guide you through troubleshooting these issues effectively.

1. GIF Upload Errors

If you experience problems when uploading GIFs, here’s how to troubleshoot:

  • Check File Format: Ensure your GIF is in a supported format, such as GIF, PNG, or JPEG.
  • File Size: Large GIFs may not upload. Consider resizing or compressing the GIF to reduce its size.
  • Internet Connection: A slow or unstable internet connection can cause upload issues. Check your connection and try again.

2. Comment Not Posting

If your comment isn’t posting, consider these solutions:

  • Content Guidelines: Ensure your comment complies with 9GAG’s content guidelines. Offensive or inappropriate content may prevent posting.
  • Server Issues: Sometimes, server issues on 9GAG’s end may cause posting problems. Wait a while and try again later.
  • Try a Different Browser: Your browser may be the issue. Try a different browser to post your comment.

3. Comment Visibility

If your comments aren’t getting the visibility you expected, consider the following tips:

  • Relevance: Ensure your comment is relevant to the post. Off-topic comments may not gain visibility.
  • Upvotes: Encourage upvotes from other users by posting engaging and humorous comments. Upvoted comments appear higher in the thread.
  • Engagement: Respond to others’ comments and engage in discussions to increase the visibility of your comments.

4. Account Issues

If you encounter issues related to your 9GAG account, consider these solutions:

  • Password Reset: If you forget your password or experience login issues, use the “Forgot Password” option to reset your password.
  • Contact Support: If you have account-related problems that can’t be resolved through the platform, contact 9GAG’s support for assistance.

5. Reporting Inappropriate Content

If you come across inappropriate or offensive content on 9GAG, use the reporting feature:

  1. Click “Report”: Find the comment or post you want to report and click the “Report” button.
  2. Select the Issue: Choose the appropriate issue category, such as “Offensive Content” or “Spam.”
  3. Provide Details: Add details about the issue to assist the 9GAG moderation team in addressing it effectively.

By troubleshooting common issues and responsibly reporting problematic content, you can help maintain a positive and enjoyable environment on 9GAG. Remember that the 9GAG community relies on its users to contribute to a safe and fun online experience.

Section 7: Best Practices and Etiquette

Mastering 9GAG comment GIFs isn’t just about technical know-how; it’s also about fostering a positive and enjoyable community. In this section, we’ll explore best practices and etiquette to ensure your contributions make the 9GAG experience better for everyone.

1. Maintain a Positive and Respectful Tone

One of the golden rules on 9GAG is to keep interactions positive and respectful:

  • Respect Diverse Opinions: People have different views and tastes. Respect their opinions and engage in constructive discussions rather than arguments.
  • Avoid Hate Speech and Trolling: Offensive comments, hate speech, and trolling have no place on 9GAG. Be kind and considerate in your interactions.
  • Use Humor Wisely: While humor is encouraged, use it responsibly. Avoid jokes that may hurt or offend others.

2. Contribute to the Fun Atmosphere

9GAG is all about fun and humor. Make your contributions count:

  • Add Value: When posting GIF comments, make sure they add value to the discussion. A well-placed GIF can enhance the post’s humor or message.
  • Spread Positivity: Use your comments and interactions to make people laugh and brighten their day.
  • Create Engaging Content: Craft comments that engage others and encourage them to join the conversation.

3. Respect Content Creators

Respect the individuals who create the content shared on 9GAG:

  • Credit the Source: If you share content created by others, give credit to the original source whenever possible.
  • Appreciate Creators: Show appreciation for content creators by upvoting and positively commenting on their posts.

4. Avoid Spam and Self-Promotion

Spam and self-promotion can disrupt the community. Follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid Repetitive Comments: Don’t post the same comment or GIF repeatedly. It can be considered spammy.
  • Avoid Self-Promotion: While sharing your content is okay, excessive self-promotion can be seen as spam. Balance your contributions appropriately.

5. Report Inappropriate Content

Be vigilant about maintaining the quality of the 9GAG community:

  1. Use the Report Feature: If you encounter content that violates the platform’s guidelines, report it using the appropriate category, such as “Offensive Content” or “Spam.”
  2. Provide Details: When reporting content, include specific details to assist the moderation team in addressing the issue effectively.

By adhering to these best practices and etiquette guidelines, you can contribute to a vibrant and enjoyable 9GAG community. Remember that your actions can positively impact the experiences of others and create a welcoming environment for all users.


Here are some frequently asked questions about commenting with GIFs on 9GAG:


In conclusion, mastering the art of commenting with GIFs on 9GAG can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. By following the step-by-step guide and adhering to best practices and etiquette, you can become a valued member of the 9GAG community and spread laughter and positivity with your contributions.

Remember that 9GAG is all about fun, humor, and respect. Your comments and GIFs have the power to brighten someone’s day and create connections with people from all around the world. Whether you’re sharing a hilarious reaction GIF or engaging in discussions with other users, your presence on 9GAG adds to the platform’s unique charm.

So go ahead, explore, comment, and let your creativity shine. By understanding 9GAG’s commenting system, registering, finding the perfect GIF, and engaging with other users in a positive way, you can make the most of your 9GAG experience.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to become a GIF-commenting pro on 9GAG. Have a great time sharing GIFs, making people laugh, and being a positive contributor to this vibrant online community. Happy commenting!

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